Business Model

Reshaping for the future

IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence are creating opportunities for companies to add value to their customers that goes beyond their traditional products and services.

The York Group conducts a comprehensive workshop to help companies transform or extend their business to benefit from an IoT and data-driven business model.  It helps companies develop a go-to-market and business strategy and an organizational structure that lays the foundation for success.

Why many companies need this service

Many industries are going through fundamental changes:
  • Manufacturers attaching sensors to their products and developing value-added applications for remote monitoring and predictive maintenance;
  • Insurance companies using artificial intelligence to automate claims processing to provide more accurate and efficient service to their clients;
  • Retailers using analytics in order to align their offerings more closely with their customer needs;
  • Construction companies using machine learning to measure and predict variations in weather that can impact their building schedule.
Technology is rarely the biggest hurdle. The major barrier is developing a go-to-market and business strategy, and an organizational structure that lays the foundation for success.

The workshop is delivered on-site over two days, or on-line in three, four-hour sessions.

  • High-level information about the key drivers for the new business model
  • Articulating a strong value proposition
  • Selecting the right target markets
  • Pricing structure
  • Impact on the sales organization and sales compensation models
  • How marketing changes
  • Financial metrics to measure your performance
  • Scaling your customer support through automation
  • Legal Issues
  • Validating the business model
A detailed, actionable business plan built on the business model that is best suited for a given technology, its price points and target markets.


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