We make going global easier

We have developed a new approach to international expansion for selected software companies to generate significant international revenues faster and at much lower cost than they can do it themself.

There are no up-front fees or retainers – you pay us based on the revenues we produce for you.

To achieve this, The York Group has strategic partnerships with some of the largest channel organizations around the world. These channel organizations are interested in taking on innovative solutions that they can sell to their existing customer. Their objective is to generate at least USD $1 million per year in annual recurring revenue (ARR) – with a target of $3-5 million over a three-to-five-year period. Many of our SaaS clients have market valuations of 10-15x revenues, and this represents the potential to add $30-75 million in valuation per market.


Our clients are typically in a position to sign a channel partner agreement within 60-90 days with the first sales coming 90-180 after that.”

To achieve this level of performance The York Group provides an end-to-end service. We:
  • Assign an account manager based in your local geography
  • Help you develop your pitch deck for the target markets
  • Arrange and attend the on-line conference calls
  • Guide you through the business planning and contract negotiations
  • Provide local partner management support with an account manager based in the target geography.

Since our compensation is based on results, we have a strong incentive to work with you and the channel partner to maximize revenues.
This program is designed for software companies that have:
  • Average annual contract values of $30-50,000 or more
  • At least 20 customers in its home market
  • Products related to:
    • Workplace productivity
    • Security
    • Data and AI.